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Primary Care - Pediatrics


Pediatrics is the branch of medicine concerned with the care and development of children and with the prevention and treatment of childhood diseases. From the day your child is born, Dr. Hobeich will be there for you. The health care for your child will include immunizations, health physicals, developmental evaluations, general health care and wellness.

Allergy Testing & Treatments


Allergies can be triggered by pollens, molds, dust, air pollution, pets and chemicals. Allergic symptoms can be chronic sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and sinus inflammation. Allergy testing can be done, as early as, the age of four. The allergy testing technique that we offer to our patients in our office, is known as "Skin Testing" and is child friendly.

Asthma Treatments


Asthma is a bronchial inflammation that can cause airway restriction, difficulty breathing, and can lead to permanent lung damage if not treated. We offer the (LFT) or Lung Function Test to determine the diagnosis and we offer several options for the treatment of your asthma. Early detection is the key to avoiding any permanent damage to your childs lungs.



ADHD Diagnosis/Treatment


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is when someone has a problem of not being able to focus, unable to control behavior, being overactive, or a combination of all of these symptoms. Diagnosing ADHD, is the first step in helping your child to be able to focus and to excel in everyday activities. This can be done with the proper testing and the correct treatment, if needed.

Complementary Prenatal Consultation


The office of Dr. George Hobeich offers a Complimentary Prenatal consultation, where you can come in to meet the staff and interview Dr. George Hobeich. We pride ourselves, on always treating every one of our patients like they were one of our very own. So please feel FREE to come in and see our newly remodeled office and get to know us!


Sports Physicals


Any child participation in any physical challenging activities, should have a sports physical. All Sport Physicals will include a comprehensive history and physical exam. A sports physical may be needed for, all athletes engaging in sports, summer camp, Boy or Girl Scout camps, and all general sport activities.

About Us

Dr. George Hobeich, MD
Is a Board Certified Pediatrician and a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics.

He is in solo practice, therefore, your child will always be seen by their doctor!

Prenatal Consults are complimentary, so feel FREE to come meet our staff and
Dr. George Hobeich!

We except most major medical insurances, and offer "cash discounts" for "Self Pay" patients.


Allergy Testing
Sport Physicals

Wellness Physicals
Skin Care / Acne



As a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Hobeich has affiliations with a number of Educational Institutes:
»University of Arizona
»Midwestern University
»A.T. Still University

Medical Institute Affiliations:
»Northwest Medical Center
»Tucson Medical Center
»Hobeich Endodontics

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