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Dosage Charts

Dosing information for children 2 years and under cannot be openly provided without direct contact from a healthcare provider, due to potential unknown conditions and constraints. Please contact us to get accurate information!

How to Give Your Baby Infants' TYLENOL®

Step-by-step guidance on measuring Infants' TYLENOL® and administering (plus tips for fussy babies).

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Keeping Medicines Out of Children's Reach

Important, but sometimes overlooked, tips for keeping medicine out of children's reach. Plus: What to do in case of accidental ingestion.

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Using Children's Pain Relievers Safely

Guidance on safely using today's children's analgesics—including reminders about re-checking proper doses and dosing intervals for all kids, measuring accurately, and avoiding "double-up" of active ingredients.

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Children's Fevers

Handout on fever basics, when to treat it (with analgesics or other measures), and when to call the doctor.

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Taking Your Child's Temperature

Guidance on methods for accurately measuring a child's temperature at different ages.

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Ear Infections

Handout on ear infection symptoms, the mainstays of pain treatment, and tips for protecting little ears.

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Your Baby's First Colds

Helpful insights on how often babies get colds, how to soothe symptoms, and when to call the doctor.

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Children's Cold & Flu Symptoms

Handout on what to expect with children's respiratory infections, ways to help ease symptoms, and guidance on distinguishing colds from flu.

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Infant Crying & Gas

Handout offers reassuring insights for parents on why and how much newborns cry, with tips for soothing them and relieving trapped gas.

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Insights on when to expect baby's first tooth, ways to soothe sore gums, and tips on caring for little teeth.

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Sprains and Strains

Highlights the differences between a sprain and a strain, with helpful tips to treat both.

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Cold & Flu Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment in Adults

A patient's guide to colds and the flu. Black and white for easy copying.



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Dr. George Hobeich, MD
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He is in solo practice, therefore, your child will always be seen by their doctor!

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As a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Hobeich has affiliations with a number of Educational Institutes:
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